Going through Sukhothai

On 16 June 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

In Thailand, you have 2 main places to see temples: Ayutthaya, the most famous one near Bangkok, and Sukhothai, between Chiang Mai and Bangkok with fewer visitors. As I saw many temples throughout my journey, I decided to go to the second one to enjoy a virtually empty tourist site and a quieter life around temples. I went there from Chiang Mai by train (by far the cheapest mode of transport and the most enjoyable in this country!) and in a few hours, I landed in this small town at the night market and nice folk .

So the next morning, I rented a motorbike and went to visit the temples in the old town. Of course it’s not as impressive as Angkor temples in Cambodia or the thousands of temples in Bagan in Myanmar but Sukhothai has a real charm and a story to tell. Here are some pictures to make you want to go there and don’t hesitate to look at my photo gallery to see more.IMG_7161



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