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On 15 November 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

It has been now 3 months that I settled in Wellington, in New Zealand. From the very first day, something happened between this city and I that I can not explain. An impression that I belong to this city, that it is the right city for me. After a year of travel, going from city to city every day, it was a weird feeling to empty my backpack in a closet, to have a home, a job, a routine. I worked a lot during the first months but by quitting one of my 2 jobs, I took the time to breathe and enjoy the city and my life in general.

I am completely in love with this capitale. This is a human-sized city where you can walk everywhere, the weather is often very beautiful (despite a strong wind), the waterfront is beautiful with views of the mountains. But beyond that, I have built a life, a life I did not expect because I was really in a traveller spirit for the last year. But after days / weeks, everything happened naturally and now I find myself a little lost at the idea of going back on the road.

Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted to see one of my best friends tomorrow who comes specially to see me for 2 weeks holiday, I am very excited to discover this country, I look forward to meet new people and go back to my unpredictable and full of emotions / surprises day to day. But another part of me has questions about this city where I stayed for three months, as if I still had many things to do and see here.
And part of me also wonders more and more about my return in France. In about a month, I will return to Paris. The questions multiply in my head, my nights are a bit choppy because some things tickle my brain. Again, difficult after almost a year and a half on the road to imagine what all this will look like. Everything seems to go too fast, time flies with breakneck speed when you live this way. I find it hard to realize everything that happened during this trip, I have a lot of memories and good times all the time. I enjoy every second because I don’t want to pass anything to chance.

Anyway, so that’s new sensations in my journey. Some of these doubts will surely dissipate quickly once I’ll be back in my van or when I will meet new people and find new places. For the others, we’ll see… In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my last 2 days in Wellington and show what I built to my friend.
IMG_9059 - CopieIt will be hard to say goodbye to the people I met here, whether the lovely couple met in Laos who did a lot for me here, the random people I met who I really care about now and most importantly the people with whom I worked at Avida Bar who have become real friends, my kiwi family. Thanks to my fantastic manager (and the term is fully justified), it reigns in this bar / restaurant an amazing atmosphere where everything works so well that it is sometimes disconcerting. Whether the kindness of customers and their kind words / attention that I will never forget, the excellent food served, the warm place, the carefully chosen music or the amazing staff, I had beautiful times here that I will never forget. So for all that, thank you Steve. You’re a role model for many, you taught me many things about human beings and you are part of these exceptional people that everyone should meet once in their life. As for all the other people of Avida, thank you for everything. For your kindness, your good mood, all the good laughs, the nice parties. It’s rare to say this, but with this job I was looking forward to Monday morning because I knew that the new coming week would bring us good things, and it didn’t feel like working, I was just seeing nice people and share with them new things. This is surely one of the most important lessons I have learnt during this world tour.

Before I find a place to settle down again, it’s now time to pack again my stuff and go back on the road for a month and a half between New Zealand, USA and Canada. Loads of new adventures to come…

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