Frenetic Bangkok

On 23 June 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_7288According to all travelers, Bangkok, we love it or hate it. This is the kind of city that does not leave you indifferent.
Bangkok is a city that goes fast, there are lots of people, lots of cars, lots of pollution. This is a very large city, where it is sometimes difficult to know where you are. It is a city both very poor, something that you see well when you arrive by train from the north and you go through the middle slums, and both very rich when you look at some neighborhoods, shopping centers and other.

I had the chance to visit this city with Romain who owns the website La Thaïlande et l’Asie and who leaves in Bangkok for 6 years. This facilitated my discovery of the city, I had only to follow im in key locations without having to wonder where I was or where to go. I visited the royal palace, beautiful temples with multiple colorful details and one of whose temples, the Wat Phra Kaeo, contains the Emerald Buddha, very famous in this country. IMG_7325Then we walked to Wat Pho temple, which houses the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand, and along various monuments / parks. Along the way, we talked about his life in this city, the recent coup ​​in Thailand (I was also very surprised to see no military in the streets, unlike Chiang Mai for example), places to see in the southern part of the country. We then went to see the temple of the dawn from the terrace of a restaurant, giving us a great view of the monument. And returning to the guesthouse on the way back, he took me to an incongruous place, a former supermarket abandoned at a street corner, home now to all the fishes of the city that people settle here. I loved this completely unusual place, devoid of any tourist, with nice colors and unexpected.

IMG_7395In the evening, we took the taxi boat that runs much of the river from the city, allowing you to see it (without paying 2000 baht for tourists boat that brings you on the canals!). I enjoyed this cruise at sunset. We then tried to go to the rooftop of the Sirrocco Bar which apparently offers an exceptional view of the city but we were turned away because the other traveler and I were not dressed well enough for them (think therefore to take a dress and heels in your backpack for your next trip). So we ended up getting a yellow taxi while crossing Chinatown illuminated (and super nice, making me think of New York!) to Koh San Road and a small restaurant with good Thai food.

IMG_7436The next day I explored the famous shopping centers of Bangkok, to find clothes for the cold waiting for me in Australia. I’m still a marketer and this taken over in my mind, so I found it quite interesting to see these gigantic mall, understand the buying behavior of locals and tourists. I loved spending a mall to another via the Skyline and thus observe high streets, subway passing over our heads

My stopover in Bangkok was short but I saw what I wanted. Unlike those encountered travelers who told me about this city as you love it / you hate it, I am one of those who are not one of the categories, nor the other IMG_7413I am one of the few people mixed” about the city. I loved the monuments that I saw, the cruise on the boat, malls. I did not like the overcrowding, the infernal traffic, the heat that prevails. But I think everybody has to stop in the capital at least for 2 days to see what it has to offer. Apparently, the Chatuchak weekend market is exceptionally huge and worth a visit. So I advise you to go there (unfortunately it is not stalling my program having arrived there on a Monday and did not want to stay 5 days).

Yet a different and interesting journey in my Thai trip. Now it’s time to go to the south with beaches, paradise islands, parties and some more people to meet.


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