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On 19 May 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_44252 weeks spent in this city, my new longevity record after my nine days in Siem Reap! Between the fact that I arrived with my friend who joined me and we wanted to enjoy rather than running from a bus to another, encounters and ​​my two Swiss friends who came, I did therefore not shake this city!

So what do we do during two weeks in Luang Prabang ? Well it’s pretty simple: you enjoy!
Luang Prabang is the kind of city where you can easily get to live because it is full of nice little cafes and restaurants, it is surrounded by two different rivers that give a charm, you can go for a walk around or with a scooter, tuk tuk or just walk away.

IMG_4673Specifically, what did I do there: I took a lot of courses (stencil, home made jewelry, batik). I peeled restaurants in the city to find the best brunch or the best French Restau serving cheese! I went to see the Kuang Si waterfalls 2 times that are great with these basins floors. I climb up Mount Phousi to admire the view of the mountains. I found the best Asian Bar, Utopia, and spent time there to read, drink glasses and rest. I met some lovely local people at the night market in the streets, walking and losing myself. I enjoyed the sun at the swimming pool of the Kiridara hotel. I bought many souvenirs at the night market after having eaten a plate full of what I wanted for 1€. I tested 4 different guesthouses which were all great. I visited some temples and the Royal Palace Museum. I tested the bowling at night, as it’s the only place opened after 11pm, so it’s filled with travelers who come here for a late night. I admired the colorful sunsets over the Mekong.

So, I enjoyed life differently and it was damn nice. So do not hesitate to stop for few days (I’d say at least 3 nights) in this charming town in Asia. Now it’s time for me to go see Thailand that I will join by boat in 2 days enjoying the Laotian life in front of my eyes at every moment!


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