Equipment focus: too much technology kills the technology?

On 15 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Devices2With all the technological devices that are coming out now and everything we use daily, we want to travel with a maximum of things: laptop, tablet, reader, phone, MP3 player, camera, camcorder, mini camera like GoPro, GPS, game consoles… So what we should take when we leave for a long time, as we want to take as little things as possible while we want to be connected to others?

At the beginning, I did as lot of people, I wanted to take too many things! Too much, if you count chargers, 2nd batteries, protective shells, etc… my bag would contain about 6 or 7kg of technological equipment. As I said, too much! The risk of theft is never far so we should try to avoid too many temptation to people. And one of the points of this trip isn’t also to meet other people and come off a bit of our daily life (without forgetting it)? If I’m glued to screens, it does not ultimately change me so much of my metro-work-sleep I want to leave.

So after much thought and discussion, here is what I prefer as equipment:
– To follow my photo project, I get my camera Canon 60D with 15-85mm and 50F18 lenses + 2 SD cards (Sandisk and Lexar) + 2nd battery + charging cable & USB transfer. I made ​​the choice to leave my tripod at home and I can take it maybe in January to get into night shots especially. My camera will also help me making short films.
Mini iPad 16GB + SD Adapter + protective cover map: it will allow me to update my website and download pictures from my camera. It will also be my companion for watching movies at airports or other expectations. It is very light and almost doesn’t take place. A better compromise than my computer.
– Mobile phone iPhone + charger: to keep in touch with my family and to warn of concern. Moreover, I can do a whole bunch of additional pictures, listen to music, play…
– iPod 8Go: I can’t live without my music and it will prevent me to use all my phone battery. All cables are the same so I’ll take just one.
– USB keys



To make your choice, I can only give you general advice: think carefully about your project, what you want to do, make… You are a fan of videos and want to make posts like the brilliant Vizeo? Equip yourself with a good camera and take a compact camera. You are a sports fan and want to record your exploits everywhere? Opt for the GoPro. You love to read on a trip? Buy a Kindle to put all your novels and forsake tablets that take too much battery. Do according to your needs and your desires. Think carefully about what you want to bring your trip.

mobileo2Another point also that you must consider: ensure your technical equipment! These little creatures cost a fortune and in case of theft, you will be glad to have invested in insurance just for them. For my side, I talked to my banker and discovered the insurance BNP Mobileo 2 which, for € 7 per month, provide you all your mobile devices in case of loss, breakage or theft and which will refund or replace with new products to your original purchase price. No dirty trick, I looked at the contract and discussed with my banker of it :)

To see my full equipment, it is here!

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