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On 15 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Another non obvious point: given the limited space and weight of your bag, you must choose your clothes and shoes you are going to wear in all weather, every day, regardless of your activity. It is therefore necessary to deal with different climates you will face but also at different stages of your journey. As I thought my journey regardless the seasons, I will not be dealing with very cold temperatures. However, if I climb Kilimanjaro or if I do some treks, it could ask me specific equipment.

For treks, I will praise the specific equipment if necessary on site as great hiking shoes or special clothing.

Manteau MilletFor the rest of my trip, I decided to buy a technical coat Millet Gore-Tex. This is a coat that is a little expensive but has the advantage of being suitable for any type of climate. You can also wear it over a t-shirt during a hike at low altitude, when it rains in the top of a mountain above a warmer underwear. It is quite small folded, very light, has a hood and waterproof zippers (in addition to being beautiful and comfortable!).

Chaussure salomonSimilarly for shoes, I opted for Salomon Gore-Tex. Same features as for the coat, the shoes are waterproof, lightweight, very flexible and therefore perfect for walking in the mountains or in the forest. I’ll take a pair of my faithful Bensimon to walk everyday in town and flip flops for the evening.

Outside of these two elements, I also opted for Icebreaker socks known to reduce odors and offer you maximum comfort during your walks.
For the rest, get t-shirts made ​​of synthetic material rather than cotton, it will dry faster and it will absorb less odors. You decide what kind of pants / shorts you want to have in your wardrobe.

Quick advice: as you prepare your trip well in advance, try to offer you a maximum of things for Christmas or your birthday to limit spending!

To find the complete list of my equipment, click here.

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