End of the road with the family

On 1 April 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_5230After my sister and her boyfriend left the day before, it was the turn of my brother and his girlfriend also on the morning … Again, I’m really sad and think that it may be complicated after that great time together to go back on the road alone again! On our side with my parents, we drive north to Lovina to discover lakes, rice fields, volcanoes and more. Our first stop is at Lake Batur and its volcano in the center of the country. This is the first volcano I see my life (except one apparently saw Guadeloupe in the words of my mom but I was 4 years old…as you say, some memories!) and it’s pretty impressive! DSCF1992 (768x1024)We can see the lava flows, the crater. On the way, beautiful things to look but still happy to arrive in Lovina, in our beautiful hotel, the road being long on the end. Here, nothing to do except a boat ride to see dolphins but very touristy and they do not really respect them so we don’t want to do it. Instead, we opt for a relaxing time in the pool on top of the hotel, with the sunset in front that is beautiful. Then a massage offered by the hotel and a shower later and here we are with cocktails and enjoy a wonderful dinner prepared by a chef who so worth the trip (hotel restaurant Puri Bagus if you are ever in the area, stop!).

IMG_1782 (1024x683)In the morning, we take our time at the hotel with a breakfast at the edge of a pool, a swim in the pool and another. Then we hit the road to arrive at the end of the day in Munduk, but with several stops along the way. And it turns out that our driver is really great and he enjoys all the car journeys to explain many things about the country, religion, traditions, customs, costumes and more. We learn for example that there are 4 colors in every temple, each representing a deity (red, black, yellow and white). There are 3 temples per Hindu city, that when you have a child under 3 months it is forbidden to enter a temple for parents failing that something negative happens to your family , there are only 4 names for children assigned to you according to your order of birth, either you are a man or a woman (Wayan / Made / Komang / Ketuk) or that there are 3 colors of traditional costumes (white for ceremonies with holly water, black for cremations and batik for marriage). I spare you all the details but it was really interesting to understand (finally) some things about these temples and the Hindu religion.
IMG_1339 (683x1024)Anyway, here we are at our first stop, the Gitgit waterfalls, 58m high. A small path full of small shops will take you there, so you can not get lost (and therefore no need to take a guide as we did). The waterfall is nice enough, high enough, it’s a nice walk!
Then we head to the temple Ulun Danu located on Lake Bratan. It is right on the water but there is more to a particular location, you find at the same place one Hindu temple, one Buddhist temple and one mosque. Thus, all the locals can come and pray, hence the fact that there is very crowded at this point. The temple is really nice, yet different, again one of my favorite views in Bali. There is a huge garden that leads to it, packed well on multiple colorful tropical flowers. On the road to leave, we stop for lunch before the “twin lakes“, the Buyan and Temblingan lakes.

IMG_1405 (1024x683) (1024x683)Then it’s time to take the road to our hotel Munduk the Sanak Retreat Bali. We booked online all our hotels just looking customer reviews and I must say, we really chose rightly! This hotel is brand new 2 months, and it is just sublime! Literally built in the middle of rice fields, without any opposite! And we sleep in a wooden house with 2 rooms, all overlooking the outside in nature. The place is full of unearthed objects boughts by the owner (French), which makes it super interesting and more detail of it! We even will buy a few pieces of decoration that we fall in love with! We watch the sunset from the infinity pool which makes perfect sense given the context.

The next morning, I get up at dawn to watch the sunrise. With such a framework, I could not miss and biggest advantage, no need this time to take a bike and ride at 5am to put me in the right spot, I just open my curtains and go on my terrace to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise :) the rice fields are still different green color, it is truly magical! Breakfast that follows is equally enjoyable.
IMG_1753 (683x1024)Then we leave with our same driver than yesterday to the famous Jatiluwih rice fields, the largest of Bali which are on the UNESCO list to be added to World Heritage. It starts to rain when we arrived and so we decide to have lunch in adjoining it out (which happens quite quickly in Bali in general!). 45 minutes after, so we go for a walk in the rice fields, which are very different from those already seen as very staged but also extremely large in size. We lack a bit of the ride but it really is super nice!
IMG_1785 (1024x683)We end our day by the most famous temple of the island, the visit to Tanah Lot temple. It is located on the west of the island, the sunset on the sea is very famous but unfortunately few clouds come and stand in front of the sun and so we will not be able to appreciate the color gradients. It does not prevent us to enjoy the view of the temple! Then we reach our hotel in Canggu (much more classic, modern and tourism).

For this last day with my parents, and after seeing a lot of stuff during these 2 weeks, we simply walk after the beach! In addition, there are many ceremonies throughout the country so it is difficult to move. Funnily enough also to see the contrast between the locals who come to lay their offerings by hundreds on the beach and tourists surfing in the water! We take lunch and back to the hotel because it is already time that my parents leave to catch their plane.
The heart is heavy, very heavy even… These two weeks have been absolutely magical, we took full advantage and it was a real breath of fresh air for me. It is therefore difficult for me to see everyone leaving from knowing that I ‘m back on the road alone and won’t see them before Christmas. But I knew it, I chose it. Once left, however, and despite a great massage at the hotel, I do not have the courage to do anything or talk to anyone. I end my day alone in my room trying to entertain me. Tomorrow, I move to Sanur to spend Nyepi (religious event which I will explain to you shortly) before flying to Cambodia.

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