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On 19 December 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

A few days before returning to France and finish this round the world, I am full of emotions. I try to realize everything I have been lucky to live, remember all my encounters. I look at my photos, endlessly. I expect this time when I’ll read my travel diaries, open few random pages, see a line, remember all the souvenirs that go with it. I enjoy every last day of it with all the passing landscapes, these planes I take, the last people I meet.

IMG_1853I have lived my trip entirely, without wondering too many questions. I created beautiful friendships, I fell in love, I walked hundreds of miles, I learned to play new instruments, I significantly improved my English. I never knew where to go or what life was going to give me the next day and that was exactly how I wanted it to be. For a year and a half, I had no limits, I never hindered me, I have lived my life 200%, without worrying about what this person would think or how the society would tell me to do that. I have been free. I discovered freedom. The one where you can go wherever you want, follow a stranger, eat on time you want, wake up when your body is relaxed whether it is 5 am or 3pm, go to sleep after busy days. Freedom where you can see the immensity of the world, in silence, facing the beauty that nature has created.

IMG_2786I have been happy. True happiness, the one who breaks and shines on you every day. One that prevents you from doing a picture where you do not smile because the urge to laugh is stronger than the rest. The one that brings positive around you. The one that despite a sad or dangerous time on paper, you continue to smile and see things positively.

I found myself a little. I continue to look for that little something that will unlock me for good but I’m on track. I found serenity in me, the one that kept me from living things or having some discussions. It is now my challenge to keep this peace in my family and friends environment, and I’m pretty confident overlooked that.
I come back different, for sure. It’s complicated to explain in words, only my behavior and my way of thinking will really reflect against the other. Will I get to be fully myself in this country that was mine? Today this is my challenge. To not melt into the ground, to not live as if this trip had never happened, to not fall back into my bad habits.

A year and a half have passed since I left France. This trip changed my life. This trip is the beginning of my new life. Tell you where it will lead me tomorrow, I do not know yet. It might seem contradictory to some of you, but this round the world trip had not intended to get me and know what I would do next. It was there, among other things, to make me think about who I am, what I want and what / who I need at my side to evolve. I do not come up with an idea of job to start immediately, no, it will take me time to step back with all that, to put myself again into the world around me. I do not even know where I want to live. But one thing is sure: I am ready to live fully. I learned what I needed around me to wake up happy every morning and that is more important to me. Every day something positive happens in everyone’s life, even in the worst ones. And I am ready to discover these little things that will make me vibrate.

IMG_3786I heard a lot of people before leaving or on the road telling me that I was brave to do this round the world trip alone, over such a long period, passing through countries like Kenya and India. I do not know if it was really a question of courage, I have never seen these countries as dangerous ones. However, today I can say I am proud. Proud of myself, of my journey. On completion of this dream that was in me for so long. On the daring leap. Proud to have met (part of) the world, to have opened myself, discovered and showed my true personality. Not the one who according to some conventions, corporations or to please this person is alright. No, the real me, simply. Without cheating, without adding anything, without lying. I pushed myself sometimes, I went out of my comfort zone and I overcame certain tests or faced some people, surpassed some of my fears.

Traveling is not for everyone. Some do not see the point of it, others do not find any pleasure in it. For me, I‘ve found my way, my route, my journey. I do not know if I will continue to live on the road, this time I might want to settle for a bit and find another meaning to my life. But it is certain that traveling is and will always be part of me. It is a drug, an ally, a need. This trip gave me a very strong inner strength.
More than traveling to discover a country, today I travel to discover different cultures, people, ways of living, culinary dishes and habits. I want to travel to continue enjoying happiness. Because it is not the travel itself that makes me happy. Happiness, I find it in everything I see through my travels. Happiness is not a place, it is in me. Everywhere, wherever I am. And I now know I have several places that I can call “home”, where it is possible for me to be happy.

Nothing ever happens by coincidence. Tonight, while I finish to write this article, I listen to a mix of songs that I love, that I discovered in Thailand a few months ago while drinking mango mojitos in this perfect guesthouse surrounded by important people who are part of my day to day today. And I’m happy. Happy to have been in this company that did not fit me and made me wonder these questions I avoided for years, have given my resignation, started to think about this crazy project. Happy to have been to the end of it, to have realized this dream. 457 days after my departure from Paris, it’s time to start my new project.

Life is beautiful.
Wakatépé Baboun.

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