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On 11 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Select the content of the first aid kit is not easy … Between essential medicines, traditional and “if” meds, you could leave with a pharmacy on your back. To carry as little as possible while avoiding things or forgetting something essential, I advise you to look carefully what to take with a doctor or pharmacist if you are familiar with.

Here is an indication of the pharmacy kit minimum recommended by the book La Bible du Grand Voyageur:

– Antiseptic Cleaner
– Gel sanitizer waterless hand
– Bandages and plasters
– Some gauze
– Small scissors for cutting bandages, compresses …
– Additional contact lenses (2 pairs)
– Insect Repellent Lotion
– Sunscreen with high protection index (> 20)
– Condoms, menstrual products
– Earplugs
– Pins to nurse
– Sewing needle and thread
– Survival Blanket

To that, I have added that:
– Preventive medicines against malaria: Doxypalu for three months in Africa, one plate of Malarone for Asia in case
– Drugs against diarrhea: Tiorfan + Lactibiane avoiding the turistas
– Stomach ache: Spasfon
– Burns, sunburn: Biafine
– Headaches, dizziness … : Tylenol, Advil
– Eye drops for eyes Dacryum (blisters)
– Anti-mosquito Moustidose, Mousti-click, Insect screen
– Disinfection of water: Aquatabs (use only when you are not finding healthy water but can not be used daily over a long period)
– Thermometer

With all that, I should have about 1 or 2kg of medicine and I hope to come back safe :)
Obviously, consider making all your doctors appointment control before leaving: ophthalmologist, dentist, gynecologist… And think to update all your vaccines depending on your route. Finally, also consider getting insurance for your trip!

Ladies, if you want more information about the contraceptive part to avoid taking with you one year of pill, do not hesitate to email me at: elephantstokangaroos@gmail.com

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