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On 6 November 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

You‘re probably wondering why I’m writing an article about the donation of hair on this travel blog… so let me explain in a few words: during my first days in Wellington, I met Matthew Kane, a hairdresser. It turns out that over time, and the fact that the salon he works at is opposite to the restaurant where I work, we became friends. I’ve seen him dozens of times coming with girls with long hair for a beer and come back after a few hours with these same girls, but this time with short hair. Nothing unusual you might say, he is a hairdresser! Yes but Matthew is not only a talented hairdresser, he is also a big heart hairdresser. So every time he cuts a lot of hair of a woman, he gives it to associations to collect them to make wigs for women who are suffering from cancer and who wake up after the abominable hours of chemotherapy completely bald. And every woman can imagine how it must be unsettling

So after seeing all these women changing their look for a good cause and multiple discussions with Matthew, I decided to do it and cut my hair. For these associations can use your hair, you need to cut at least 10 inches (about 25cm) so they can be treated and reused. I had very long hair, I didn’t want a bowl cut either but I cut about 11 inches and so I donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths association (there are several associations like this, some for women with cancer, others for children with cancer). I cut more than I would have liked in terms of haircut but as explained above, it takes a certain minimum length so I agreed to go beyond my willingness to participate in the program. As for my hair, it will grow back to reach the length I wanted. And in the meantime, I feel different, lighter, and it’s good to change my look after I’ve changed so much inside my head during this round the world trip :)

A big thank you to Matthew for taking the initiative to bring smiles to these women. Congratulations also to the associations who decide to help them.


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