Day in the sand, night under the stars

On 1 September 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_2102The title describes I think my three days in the Alice Springs region. After my brother and his partner have joined me in Alice Springs, we went with Emu Run for 3 days in the red desert to see Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. We were 19 people plus the guide Locky (great guide!) for these three days, most of the group consisting of high school students in the country in exchange for a few months.

IMG_2290Within a few days, so we traveled thousands of miles in a minibus, made ​​3 walks of respectively 10.5km, 8.5km and 6.5km while listening Locky tell us the history of each place, observed two sunrises (1 classic over Uluru and Kata Tjuta and special mention in the 2nd on Kings Canyon where we started to walk at 6:30 in the morning to start the walk and be on time for the sunrise in the middle of the canyon, alone) and 2 sunsets (1 again on Uluru which allows to observe the color change on this mythical place and 2nd near Kings Canyon, beautiful place). I personally really loved with Kings Canyon, it is a place full of energy, colors that reflect the rays of the sun (which made ​​me run in the morning to go back to few corners that I passed before because I anticipated interesting photograph colors). We slept in swags, a kind of super hot cocoon that allows the observation of starsfalling asleep and waking up at 5am!

IMG_2047Beyond magical places, we also saw kangaroos, camels (including a baby born a few hours earlier), birds again very colorful and emu. Fortunately for me, I have not seen a snake and flies normally often present in the wilderness had left during the Australian winter in other countries to my delight :)

We enjoyed excellent food next to the fire throughout the 3 days between Australian barbecue or burgers camel. I‘m still trying to forget all the remains that have been thrown, Australians being “slightly” paranoid about food and throwing everything rather than giving it to locals or people in the streets, a little hard to accept for many of us and me after my months in Africa where I saw how so many people do not have food every day…

IMG_2097Finally, this 3-day tour ended with a very nice evening in a restaurant in Alice Springs with almost the entire team to share more experiences, eat a good meal and drink (a little…). A great time so before my last days in Sydney and in Australia! Thank you to the group, Locky and my brother and Aurelie for the nice time!

PS: little note to those who wish to travel to Uluru: you can climb Uluru, it is allowed, but nevertheless be aware that this is a sacred place for Aborigines and it is going against their beliefs to do so. There are signs at the bottom of where you can climb it that explains it all but you will have to decide before getting there if you want to make the 10km walk or climb. I personally chose not to climb but it’s anyone’s choice!


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