01. 08. 2014

Rehahn Photography

If you read from time to time my blog and look at my photos, you probably know, I would try to be a photographer one day. And this trip made me take a...

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13. 01. 2014

Photo challenges

The idea came from a discussion with my best friend the morning I left for India. It was a the beginning between her and me but I want to extend this idea to you...

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20. 10. 2013

Mass clean up in Manyatta

Since my arrival in Kisumu, one of our biggest projects was this great cleaning scheduled on Saturday, October 19 in one of the dirtiest parts of the city, Manyatta. For several weeks, so...

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07. 10. 2013

One afternoon at juvenile

Note that I prefer to avoid early, sensitive souls refrain! In any case I want to offend the sensibilities of anyone so if you think you can not / do not want to...

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02. 10. 2013

Back to school

Yesterday was a big day since we reopened the school! Normally, we would have to wait a few more days so that the school is really finished. Indeed, the concrete floor is not...

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15. 09. 2013

Back to school: fund-raising for the association

Before my departure, I collect all the school supplies you do not use for my association CIVS Kenya. I will bring it all upon my arrival in the humanitarian mission of the orphanage....

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15. 09. 2013

SVI – International Voluntary Service

As I’m leaving for a long time, I decided to devote a part of my journey to others. It has been a while indeed that I looked at humanitarian projects and that I...

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15. 09. 2013

One day, I will be a photograph…

For several years, I am interested in photography. I started very young watching my father and uncle take pictures with their camera, develop the pictures in dark rooms in the basement of our...

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15. 09. 2013
Le voyage de babar

It all started with Babar

Where, when, why, how? I’ll try to explain, and rather in disorder… How? This will be alone, as I want to live my experience, follow my dreams without forcing anyone or impose my...

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