17. 09. 2015

My World Tour in video

Exactly 2 years ago today, I was flying to Kenya, the beginning of my round the world tour. I am back in France for 4 months now, and when I am creating my...

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05. 01. 2015

They travel around the world with me

They have been my most faithful companions, they followed me everywhere, no questions asked. They took all the planes with me. So to see the pictures of Babar and Babu around the world, click here....

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21. 12. 2013

My useful Tanzania

To find my articles on safari and Zanzibar , click here. Visa You can do this before you leave or when you arrive at the airport or at the border with Kenya when...

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18. 12. 2013

So what is Africa?

Before starting to read this article, I advise you to read it while listening to the song of Jinja Safari called Mermaids, I wrote my article on it and it goes pretty well...

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28. 11. 2013

Zanzibar : paradise is here

When we arrived on Monday, November 11 , it was raining in Stonetown … as you say, paradise beach then seemed a little doomed. But it can rain in Zanzibar to a place...

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27. 11. 2013

Tarangire : 1 elephant per m²

Well, with such a promise, there was no reason for me not to love this park! And then one of my friends told me about telling me that I will love it so...

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27. 11. 2013

Serengeti : full-scale

To start in a good way the day, we decided to wake up for the sunrise with Claire at Ndutu lodge. The alarm is set at 5:45. Just exits the room, we’re back...

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23. 11. 2013

Ngorongoro: the 8th wonder of the world

This crater, I had heard from friends who have traveled or worked there. So I had high expectations… After a great breakfast, we are so happy to hit the road for the second...

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23. 11. 2013

Manyara Lake, beginning of the safari and of the dream…

Tuesday, November 6, we had an appointment​​. After a sad goodbye to my Kenyan host family on Sunday and the arriving at the same time of my best friend in Nairobi, we left...

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