17. 09. 2015

My World Tour in video

Exactly 2 years ago today, I was flying to Kenya, the beginning of my round the world tour. I am back in France for 4 months now, and when I am creating my...

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10. 01. 2015

I am Charlie

I wrote an article in October that I had not yet released, for not having yet translated it, about the terror in the media. Today, I took a basis of this text and I changed...

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19. 12. 2014

Each its trail, each its way

A few days before returning to France and finish this round the world, I am full of emotions. I try to realize everything I have been lucky to live, remember all my encounters....

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15. 11. 2014
IMG_8979 - Copie

Go back on the road

It has been now 3 months that I settled in Wellington, in New Zealand. From the very first day, something happened between this city and I that I can not explain. An impression that...

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06. 11. 2014

Donation of hair

You‘re probably wondering why I’m writing an article about the donation of hair on this travel blog… so let me explain in a few words: during my first days in Wellington, I met...

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17. 09. 2014
IMG_8611 (2)

365 days later

Bonjour / Jambo / Namaste  / Mingalabâ / Xin Chao / Magandang umaga / Selamat pagi / Sua sday / Sabaidee / Sawadee kha / Hello! Here we are, 365 days of traveling!...

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14. 09. 2014

Ma vision de l’Australie

Difficult to describe such a large country in one article and a few pictures, especially since I am far from having seen everything there, but let me give you my vision of this...

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07. 08. 2014

Every encounter is a lesson

Few days ago, during my road trip in a van on the east coast of Australia, I made some beautiful encounters that changed ​​me. I‘ve not really talked about that famous road trip but to...

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01. 08. 2014

Rehahn Photography

If you read from time to time my blog and look at my photos, you probably know, I would try to be a photographer one day. And this trip made me take a...

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