17. 09. 2015

My World Tour in video

Exactly 2 years ago today, I was flying to Kenya, the beginning of my round the world tour. I am back in France for 4 months now, and when I am creating my...

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22. 02. 2015

3 days in New-York

Due to my round the world ticket with TravelNation agency, to go from Montreal to London, I had to add a stop in New York or Boston. Too Bad… Knowing the 2 cities, I...

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21. 02. 2015

Back to Laval university

Few years ago, I had the chance to study at Laval University in Quebec City for a semester. I spent 6 intense, interesting, full of adventure and fun months there. It was also...

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18. 01. 2015

Between friends in Montreal

I continue slowly but surely to tell you the end of my round the world adventure. So for now, back to my days in Montreal! I decided in the month of June 2014...

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10. 01. 2015

I am Charlie

I wrote an article in October that I had not yet released, for not having yet translated it, about the terror in the media. Today, I took a basis of this text and I changed...

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06. 01. 2015

Tongariro Crossing

I am late on my posts but I try to write all my last steps to share with you my last weeks of my round the world trip. One of my last steps...

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05. 01. 2015

They travel around the world with me

They have been my most faithful companions, they followed me everywhere, no questions asked. They took all the planes with me. So to see the pictures of Babar and Babu around the world, click here....

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19. 12. 2014

Each its trail, each its way

A few days before returning to France and finish this round the world, I am full of emotions. I try to realize everything I have been lucky to live, remember all my encounters....

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07. 12. 2014

Road trip in the South island – 2nde part

You may have already read the 1st part of my road trip in the South Island of New Zealand. Here is the 2nd part of my favorites places, my impressions of the places...

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