13. 07. 2014

Mobile apps to travel

Whether your phone is running with Android, iOS or any other mobile operating system, here are some apps that could help you in your daily life as a traveler. Feel free to add...

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16. 09. 2013

The backpack moment

Leave for 1 year and a half with a maximum of 15kg luggage up, here’s quite a challenge! I’m not the type to go with 50kg normally but I still like to have...

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15. 09. 2013

Equipment focus: too much technology kills the technology?

With all the technological devices that are coming out now and everything we use daily, we want to travel with a maximum of things: laptop, tablet, reader, phone, MP3 player, camera, camcorder, mini...

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15. 09. 2013
Chaussure salomon

Equipment focus – Choose your clothes / shoes

Another non obvious point: given the limited space and weight of your bag, you must choose your clothes and shoes you are going to wear in all weather, every day, regardless of your...

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