Candi Dasa, between dives, visits and beach

On 1 April 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_0991 (1024x683) (1024x683)We arrived at the villa in Candi Dasa late afternoon after enjoying Ubud in the morning. The villa is superb again, with the first part with just the kitchen (huge one!). Another “building” contains 4 large bedrooms with private bathroom, some outdoors. Then a final, separated by the pool, contains the lounge and dining room, all overlooking a small garden and small private beach (yes!). In our practice, we put the swimming suits and jump in the pool, the heat is intense enough to Bali! We take the opportunity to test on the Disney balloons available to us (thank you owner for this nice gesture!). A little rain starts, it amuses us more than it does not bother us!

IMG_1067 (1024x683)The next morning we leave by car for Sidemen and explore the surroundings. The driver told us that the road through Puntung is superb so we take it. And indeed, we pass through small roads, sometimes a little shabby , but we offer great views of paddy fields, the sea beyond and so on. You can also see Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali. We then arrive at a sarongs factory, these long fabrics for men and women such as skirts, to enter into temples or other. Factory reminds me of that seen in Inle Lake in Myanmar : the old machines used are the same , the technique used by women for weaving is the same. This is pretty cool , I remain fascinated by these local productions. We then had lunch in a buffet style restaurant VERY touristic, the first time we really faced with so many people at once, but we must admit that the view is sublime on Mount Agung and rice before. A storm ragesDSCF1879 (1024x768) just at this time but will quickly stop so it does not annoy us. We then take the road to the villa, having booked a surprise to thank our parents : direction the spa them for 3 hours for them, and for our side the supermarket to buy food and prepare dinner for them. We also bought some candles to put around the pool. Difficult to cook European when we do not have the right ingredients but we manage. Good except the brownie desert that I completely miss not having found chocolate but only cocoa powder … that said, it will earned us a good laugh, parents are so polite they dared not say it was inedible (though we had tested before and we knew). In short, even a good evening!

P1130189 (1024x577)The next morning, by mutual agreement, we get up early to go to the north of the island to Lambuten to dive on the wreck of the Liberty and the “wall”. Not having all the same level, we spilt by groups so that everyone can enjoy and dive to the right depth while having a qualified dive master. So I will pair with the monitor, Fabio and Aurélie be in pairs on the same dive, my sister plunge into “fun dive” on her side and my brother will join us on the 2nd dive (the parents themselves, enjoy snorkeling already superb on the beach waiting for us).
The first dive is therefore passes over the famous wreck of the Liberty, U.S. freighter that drifted around for a long time and Lombok which sank in 1963 after a lava flow of Mount Agung which broke it. So we went from the beach and we descend gradually to 29m deep. In front of us, thousands of fish of different species (I’m not savvy enough to quote you), a very impressive wreck????????????? where you can really discern the different parts, a shark passing by that we had not considered and so on. We spend some time in the middle of the wreck, it’s really great, even very different from my experience diving in the Philippines. For the 2nd dive in the “wall” and to my delight, we leave all 5 dive at the same time. For the record (personal), my brother had not dived for years after an accident but after hundreds of dives on the clock, but it was the one who had given me want to explore this underwater world in hearing him talk about it very often. So super happy to see him plunging again! And even if we do not go all at the same depths, we enjoy this moment! And in front of us again wonders: Colorful fishes, corals, an octopus that I see out moves IMG_1242 (1024x683) on a rock (funny feeling, I felt almost panicked initially not understanding what it was), nudibranchs (mini species that fascinate everyone … except me!), tones of tunas and a beautiful turtle awaits us at the end. Another beautiful moment so!
On the way back to the villa, we stop the passage of the Water Temple in Tirtagganga which I really like. One of the most beautiful temples in Bali seen for myself, which is surrounded by several pools, including one with giant water lilies. A nice view of the temple by walking up. In short, a visit to do without a doubt!

IMG_5228 (1024x768)On our last day together, since my sister and her boyfriend leave the same evening, we decide to keep it simple and go to the white sand beach of Candi Dasa, about 20 minutes drive from the house. It is reached by a road a bit chaotic but on arrival, we are not disappointed! The water is blue, the beach is quite small and uncrowded. We see beautiful fish snorkeling close enough to the beach. There are some huts for lunch (which you do not pay the bouncer if you have lunch there, good to know!). And it is already time to go home. Anne-Laure and Fabio leave, which makes me sad I must admit. The holidays are near completion, already … We spend the evening quietly at the villa.

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