Bohol, a breath of air

On 17 March 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

Just arrived in the Philippines in Manila, I took another plane to Tagbilaran on the island of Bohol. I had an appointment there with friends from France who spent 3 weeks vacation in the Philippines and came to Palawan.

imageArrived at the small airport on the tarmac, I take a taxi to go to a hotel they had spotted, the Nuts Huts . Once deposited on the side of the road , you have to walk 15 mins then down 150 steps to reach the reception / restaurant . The hotel is superb , in the middle of the jungle / forest, the river goes down , all structures are built in a green way with wood. Unfortunately, some are destroyed due to the earthquake of October that did major damage ( Bohol is the island that has been most affected) but they are rebuilding everything. So then I go to my room again after 150 steps , where a big fat lizard waiting for me to welcome me … And yes, stay in the middle of the forest also say that you have to stay in the middle of said beasts … And I’ve seen a lot! Varan 1.50 m long (if not more) , lizards of all kinds, giant ants , spiders and so on, this is the adventure !
imageAnyway after a small breakfast and a nap in the hammock , I turn towards the port to pick up my friends . Great emotion to see them, it feels good to see known people in the midst of such a travel! It therefore takes the bus to the hotel, with panoramic views since we were put on the roof (which become recurrent in 3 days on the island seeung the crowd in the bus but quickly get there and we well fed !) . After a drink and a dinner, we take a boat from the bottom of the hotel for a walk … to discover the fireflies ! These small flying insects while light ! Pretty magical time in a canoe already the simple fact of being at night, in the middle of nature , palm trees reflected on the water, a few lamps here and there but nothing more. And the discovery of these fireflies are all together in one place, around a tree , creating a large yellow / green light. The moment is unique … No photo of that, too complicated to find the right setting and as just want to enjoy the moment with JB, Gael and Greg !

image The next day after a good night , we wake up slowly and we take our time at the hotel to get ready, get breakfast ( and climb the 300 steps!) . Found the roof of the bus to Tagbilaran then boarded a jeepney , antique car that serves as local taxi to go to Alona Beach . So after 2 hours’ drive at all and archi armored transport, we have arrived at the beach. It is steeped in hot water , advantage . We found there a small restaurant with feet in the sand for dinner , and had a gargantuan meal ! We also decide that seeing their program for the next few days, transport and financial constraints , I won’t follow them as long as we thought and I’ll leave after Bohol to continue my way to other islands :( Then the boys had the great idea that we buy sky lanterns to launch into the sky. So we hand down the beach, away from the lights of different restaurants and our lantern is lit. 1st time for me, added to the fact that I was with them in this unlikely and unexpected place ( it was not expected that I join them ) , this moment was something simple and strong in my journey .

imageSo last day (already) around with them. We get up early to go on motobikes see “chocolate hills” for the sunrise. The guide did not understand our conversation on the phone the day before so there we had 3 guides ( instead of one) and only 3 scooters. Suddenly, we find ourselves having to be on a motobike at 3 people and 2 each other behind a guide , all without a helmet of course … Having used in Africa and the guys are feeling less comfortable I propose to be on this bike. Greg will join me .
We begin our morning with the famous hills of the island , super pretty ! Because of the overcast sky, we do not see the sun but the place is very quiet in the morning so it’s nice . We also went to a restaurant to make breakfast where you can see crocodile, python and other wonders of nature at the same time (oh joy, I do not approach obviously eh … ) . Then we continue the tour to the butterfly garden … big joke of the year ! Half are stuffed , some flying in a small space , in short , no great interest except that we laugh a lot! Then towards a sports center to make imageyodel between two mountains. With vertigo , I do not want to do it but I see the boys fly the river bed, which is very nice ! Then decide to finally let the guides and motobikes here, we wanted to go to the waterfalls but they were far away and we did not feel to the ride without a helmet over 3 already after previous good morning.
So we take a bus to the city and we decided to stop at the mall to eat before taking a jeepney to the falls. Finally, we fed well there, you do things right to left and time is running out . Given the travel time on the island , plus the time to go to the falls , it falls under the rain! Arriving at the hotel, we just take our last evening together , we talk , I’m glad to be with them !

Morning , it is already time to say goodbye . I must admit that I contained in front of them but once gone , I had a heavy heart . We get (re) used quickly to friends near you ! Now I need only to start new adventures. I do not know exactly where or when I’ll go over what island but I will tell you soon! Like many places were damaged by the earthquake and typhoon , I must look at everything ! But I’ll probably continue my way to Malapascua Island (via boat from Cebu 1st stop ) then go to Palawan island renowned especially for beaches north .

Thank you mates for these great 3 days and for your gift! It was not planned, but as we said , ” we were well there ” ! See you soon my friends.

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