Bloody amazing Whitsundays

On 6 August 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

Here I am on the East Coast with my van for few weeks now and before talking to you about my road trip, here’s a preview of one of the places I visited and that left me speechless. In addition I have been lucky, the weather is often mixed in these Whitsundays islands which can spoil a little magic of the place, but I came across an absolutely perfect day, bright sunshine and a little warmth (always nice in winter!). Absolutely magical, heavenly, colors exploding, a nameless charm. This kind of place where you said that although man has created beautiful monuments, it is indeed the nature that created the most beautiful wonders of the world

As I still dream about it, here are some pictures, better than words in some cases (no Photoshop or so I promise, to show you the raw beauty of the place the third being a picture for my sister and the yoga classes we took together). See you soon to tell you more details of my great trip and especially different and very rewarding encounters I had along the way! And to discover more pictures, click here.





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