Between street art and night shots in Melbourne

On 18 July 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

I arrived 3 weeks ago in Melbourne, where my sister for few months now. The occasion for me to discover her city, her life in Australia, to spend time with her chatting, watch some World Cup games, do some yoga calsses or see wallabies in Phillip Island. Also the occasion to go to different places here or there, spend a lot of time to explore this city where I found really good energies, to take loads of pictures because I felt good there. Instead of telling you what I saw in details, here are some pictures to talk to you about what I saw, between a lot of street art, wonderful sunsets, some monuments, nice encounters and cute animals…

1st weekend: day at Phillip Island and my first wallabies, already, after only 2 days in Australia. I let you imagine how happy I was when I saw them! And after that, some pingouins that went out of the sea after sunet… Gorgeous!

phillip islandStreet art, Melbourne is indeed full of graffitis done by thousands of different artists. At every corner of the street, depending on the areas, you can find wonderful paintings each and every more beautiful than the previous one. So I walked a lot in these areas to find these artists, but also some people who would accept to give life to this street art in the pictures. That’s how I asked Ricardo (on the left), Brasilian, to do some skateboard to give movement to these paintings. And this Afro-Australian (on the right) with such a nice face who agreed to pose for me at an another corner of the street. He was so touched that I ask him that he then hugged me to thank me. A big thanks to both of them (and all the others who accepted to take picture of them):

street art

Hundreds of night shots to get that picture that won’t be blurry and which shows the beauty of this enlightened city:

night shots

Some monuments or stuff found in the streets, like this bicycles parkings or the Victoria library, amazing building from the inside!

divers street

Without forgetting the really nice colored houses on the beach in Brighton:


And to see more pictures, don’t hesitate to look at the photo gallery.

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