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On 18 January 2015 by From elephants to kangaroos

I continue slowly but surely to tell you the end of my round the world adventure. So for now, back to my days in Montreal!

canada1I decided in the month of June 2014 to add a step to my world tour a stop in Canada that was not planned. Why? Because I lived there a few years in Quebec city and I had to make a trip from Los Angeles to London anyway, and having friends now living in Montreal, I thought it would be good to make a stop to cut my journey and see these people for my pleasure.

canada4So I spent a total of 8 days in Montreal, going a day in Quebec city to go back to my university, I‘ll tell you later. The goal was not to visit the country since I had already traveled a lot when I lived there but to enjoy life with my friends and discover places in this city that I didn’t know so much.
Coming from New Zealand with a stop of one night in Los Angeles, the shock was tough: outside the jetlag that was important, I left summer with 25 degrees in t-shirt and shorts to find winter with -5 degrees and 30cm of snow in just a plane rideimagine! But I‘m lucky to have friends who have thought of everything and arrived at the airport with boots, mittens and sweater coats for me.

canada6After some work on my jet lag (which I did not really actually managed to get out of during my week there), I enjoyed the city with my friends here and there. We have made great fun at Christmas markets, discovered the city, ate (a lot), had coffees (to keep warm and chat), did sledging. They also made me discover a really nice outdoor spa, where you dive in baths at 35 degrees while you are outdoors and it‘s -10 with snow all around. I also saw a friend of my university after six years without seeing him, but always with the same joy to spend time together! I discovered with him the color lighting installed in the streets of Montreal, which allowed me to take a lot of pictures. And I saw Aude & Joris from Very Good Trip whom I met in Australia for a very nice time!
canada5On my spare time when they were working, I walked a lot and I took advantage of the blue sky to make nice pictures. I thought about the end of my world tour a lot, rethought everything I had experienced in a year and a half…
In short, this time through Montreal has been a nice step that made me gradually handing back my French life. I was no longer at that point in my pace around the world, the first step back to Paris almost happened.

All my pictures of Canada are here.


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