Because without you, I wouldn’t be there

On 11 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

merci elephantBecause without you I wouldn’t have leap, this post is for you!

We are not at the Oscar ceremony, I haven’t won any price and I’m not on stage in front of 50 000 person but I’m still beginning this post by saying thank you to my family and friends for their support, their listening, their help and for having boosted me when I had doubts. You’re the only “thing” that made me hesitate to leave so I will miss you.

Thanks to all the websites that you can see on my favorite links. All your advice, posts, information were really a source of wealth. It made me want to leave and I was comforted in the fact that it was possible! Special thanks to 3 websites really nice and well done: De coin en coin – a sweet couple of ducks, Tour du mondiste – congrats and respect for your work on your blog, an “absolutely seen” – and Vizeo – my personal favorite, who presents his world tour by some really fun videos. I had the pleasure of meeting Vizeo in Paris and I really enjoyed the time spent with him, so I hope to meet you all one day to share our experiences over coffee or in a hostel at the other side of the World …

I know I’ve been annoying drunk with the creation of my website, trying to understand everything, control everything… So thank you Seb, Becky, Panda, Lebuyte, Manu & John for being patient with me. I hope you like the result …

Thanks to everyone who bought me some of my material for Birthday gifts, leaving gifts or for no reason… Travel journal, Swiss Army knife, camera stuff, Babar spoon or survival bracelet will follow me every day!

Last but not least, thank you (in advance) to all of you who agree to participate in this crazy adventure through daily meetings, shared time, the corner of the sofa or a pice of travel with me.

Thanks to you all, I will finally get to meet the famous elephants and kangaroos…


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