Back to school: fund-raising for the association

On 15 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

fournitures_scolairesBefore my departure, I collect all the school supplies you do not use for my association CIVS Kenya. I will bring it all upon my arrival in the humanitarian mission of the orphanage.

You can give me all the classic supplies such as pens, notebooks, books, coloured pencils, paints, scissors, glue, markers, erasers… In short, all that you kept behind you for too long and that you don’t use. Of course you can also go to buy things on purpose! Tell me if you want to participate, I’ll see how / when to retrieve everything!

If you also have children’s toys you want to give, again I pledge to lend to the association.

Thank you for them!


Update – September 17th :
THANK YOU! Thanks to you, I leave with 6kg of school supplies to distribute to my arrival, a little more weight on my back, a big help for the children of the association :) This is materialized by approximately:
– 150 pens
– 5 pencils
– 3 glue tubes
– 1 paire of scissors
– 5 rubbers
– 300 coloured pencils (+4 pencil cups)
– 50 felt pens
– 20 notebooks
I try to give you a small picture of the distribution to children upon arrival if I can!

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