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On 21 February 2015 by From elephants to kangaroos

Few years ago, I had the chance to study at Laval University in Quebec City for a semester. I spent 6 intense, interesting, full of adventure and fun months there. It was also the first time I really went alone to a foreign country for a long time, a premise of my desire to travel probably

In deciding to add a stop in Canada at the end of this round the world, it was inconceivable to me not to go through Quebec at least for a few hours. With my friends living in Montreal, I decided to just go for a quick trip to Quebec on a daytrip which is pretty since I already knew the city anyway and I just wanted to remember good times rather than to actually do tourism.

quebec1Just arrived with my sharing car at one of the building of the university, I‘m entering it, finding straightly the Pub, where we went out every Thursday evening (or even several times a week). Here I was directly facing my time there. What follows was a long walk all over my campus, a visit to my old room, kitchens and common areas of the residence where I met all these great people that are still in my life today. As a detour by the building where I studied and where I took one of the most interesting class of my life with a teacher that captivated me the most during my all schooling (but who wasn’t there unfortunately this day), and here I was already catching a bus to the city center.

quebec2As this was still 6 years I left Quebec, I was not sure to so well remember. But this question has been flouted in 2 minutes. As soon as I stepped off the bus, everything came back to me very quickly: the streets, monuments, restaurants, shops. Christmas time is always very nice to go around in this town with the decorations in the streets of the little Champlain and the snow around. I even took a picture with Santa, what more could I ask for?!

quebec3One last trip to the ancient theater and the ice rink and I already had to leave with the car of a second unknown person to return to Montreal, head full of memories. The next day I saw one of my friends met at the university who still lives in Montreal and I spent with him an extremely friendly moment that warms my heart.

Quebec is a city that has been very important for me. Going back there was a nice way to (almost) end this wonderful world tour.

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