Back on 3-month humanitarian mission

On 20 December 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

After 90 days passed between Kenya and Tanzania, I’m back for few days in France for the holidays before going to India. The opportunity for me to make a first assessment, add photos, update my website and have the time also to think about these incredible moments spent there.

IMG_5107Today, I want to return to my (almost) three months of humanitarian missions conducted in Kenya. In fact, if you read my article before I left, it was expected that I make two missions, the first to teach children in Kisumu and a 2nd in workcamp on an island for the construction of an eco-village. But as an adventure is never without bouncing, it turns out that many things have changed once on site.

Upon my arrival in Kisumu, my host family who created the organization Migosi Family Hope Society warned me that I could not teach in school as it is under construction… Well, obviously, it does not help! Neither one nor two, do not worry for me, I am flexible and I can adapt and otherwise assist. After that, my workcamp was canceled and replaced by another closer to Kisumu where they wanted to build a school. Due to a very sore back, I could not go there and I decided to stay in Kisumu and continue to share with my family and their daily activity. And missions were not lacking.

So we had many different missions:
IMG_1326– Visits to single women: about 2 times a month, we went to meet single women, abandoned, without regular contact with others, who are in need. Our work was quite simple, bring them sugar and ugali (according to the donations that the whole family and volunteers did) and spend some time with them, make sure they were okay, they were not sick, did not need anything urgent, hear them talk about their lives, etc… I myself have done 2 meetings like this and it was very rewarding, it reminds you how some people suffer but still keep smiling and makes you much perspective. I tell you in this article my first visit with these women and you will also find pictures of these moments in my gallery.

IMG_07641 week of teaching: although the school is not finished, I had the chance to teach for 1 week at our school whose construction began there about 1 year ago and is funded by donations from various organizations and 1 especially. My mission was simple: take care of the oldest who talk more or less English and teach them the basics such as numbers, the alphabet, colors. We also sang a little, danced, everything happened in a very friendly atmosphere and I really enjoyed sharing with these children! We were not able to continue due to the Ministry of Education which has forced us to close the school and end before the official opening in January.

1381720_10202254528914152_276735489_n– One of the other main missions has been the construction of the school: for almost all of my time in Kisumu, we continued it and we did a lot: painting, moving 30 tons of sand at 4 people from point A to point B, mix sand / cement / water to the exterior walls (with “the old” means of building, not modern as you can get in Europe), dig around school for finishing the bottom, adjust the level of the floor in front of the school, dig holes for fence posts, and then, due to a very sore back, I had to stop the difficult work. So I watched, motivated and took pictures during the installation of poles, fence or gate.

IMG_1199Visits at the juvenile, kind of prison: every Sunday, we went to visit the juvenile. Children present were all under 18, most are between 12 and 16 years. They are in this place due to rape, violence, too disturbing behavior in class or because they were found in the street too young without family or clip. Our mission was simple: spend quality time with them! Sing, dance, draw, play sports, everything was good to take. Despite what they have done and the rudimentary and strict place they are living, I loved these missions, these moments with them were always very friendly and in good spirits. We also did mid-December a day of medical care for all children in partnership with an Australian Medical organization who comes 2 times per year in Kenya. We have helped these volunteers to examine the minor and major injuries to children, testing malaria and AIDS. You will find a more detailed my first visit here.

IMG_4488Mass clean up : the 1st cleaning we did, we organized it on October 19th by ourselves, you can see my article here. Following this and after meeting so many people, the association has partnered with the main organization in Kisumu to participate in more cleaning around the city. Each month, the Kicocen organization therefore organizes cleanups in a pre-defined area of ​​Kisumu in association with various organizations and volunteers. During my visit to Kenya, I have participated in three cleanings like this.

You will therefore understand, the missions have not missed it, we have been busy. Of course, Migosi Family does not stop there, continuing his daily tasks. If you want to discover more about themselves and their organization, do not hesitate to go to their website (in English) that I created when I was there. If you want to help them financially through donations for their various missions, to build the school, sponsor a child or participate in a project, you can check the website and contact them through it. If you prefer, you can also donate via my web page and tell me that you want that donations be remitted to the association, I’ll link to them to repay them the full amount.

Having spent almost all of my 3 months with them, I can assure you that this family and this organization is exceptional. They have chosen to dedicate their lives to others, I wanted to discover this life far from my daily subway / work / sleep. And believe me, I quickly realized it was much more rewarding and engaging as any job that you may have here… So do not hesitate! And if you want more info, also do not hesitate to contact me via the comments or by email (at the bottom of page), I am happy to answer you.

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