Architectural fascination in Singapore

On 2 July 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_8313Singapore, city / country consisting of 64 islands just over five million inhabitants. All located exactly on the line of the Equator and bringing heat and humidity throughout the year. In Singapore, you have three official languages: English, Chinese and Indian. Singapore, often it is only a quick stop at the airport, transit between 2 destinations in Asia or between Europe and Oceania, as I have done at some point in my journey. Or a place where expatriates settled several years to enjoy the comforts of life it offers and its location perfect for travel.

IMG_8352Having friends living there, I decided to make a 4 days stop to have time to explore this place that intrigued me in recent years. For me, Singapore was a bit like Shanghai or Hong Kong, they are cities where we expatriate, where we live but which are not really worth visiting. I have not been to the other 2, but for Singapore, I must confess that I‘ve changed my mind!
Singapore, it was quite a fascinating place, from my point of view, architecturally. I have been fascinated by the CBD (Central Business District) and large buildings that point to the blue sky, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and its hotel that shows off in this city, not forgetting to go for a drink at the Ku De Ta, the bar at the top of MBS, to enjoy the view over the city. And Helix bridge and its circular shapes. But there is more

IMG_8140In Singapore, due to a mix of cultures and people from many different countries, you can find yourself in a completely different and interesting neighborhoods. So you have a large Chinatown that is well worth a visit and is not (only) lanterns that hang on son or chopsticks to buy. You also have the Arab neighborhood around Bugis filled with tailors and fabric stores, but also super cute little shops and cozy cafes. I also recommend walking on Clarke Quay after a good brunch that will take you to MBS, the botanical garden where you can walk for 2 or 3 hours or visit the Raffles or the Fullerton are two superb hotels the city.
IMG_8456I loved my walk at sunset from the MBS to the esplanade in front of the CBD. It offers superb views over the city, which I think has more charm with the colors of sunset.

Outside of that, we often hear and it’s true, that you can eat off the floor in Singapore! The city is extremely clean, I rarely saw that. It is also full of rules, you can not eat or drink in the subway, throw something on the ground, or you are going to be under penalty. Sure, it helps to maintain a clean city

IMG_8334Singapore is the excellent Asian food. Here you will find the mix of surrounding countries. It is easy to eat Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai food and so on. And there is something for all budgets between the food court where you eat for $3 and restaurants more “luxury”.

In short, Singapore was a great stop for four days with my friends (thank you to them for having me) that I highly recommend. Take your time, take a stroll. Singapore is small, you can do everything on foot. And if you get tired, take the practice underground, easy and cheap serving most parts of the city. And if you like to take pictures, you can have fun, there is plenty to do! In four days, I took over 500 photos (yes…but before sorting no worries!). You can actually see a selection here.

This was my last stop in Asia. Thus closing 6 months on this beautiful continent. I did not expect so much wonders, surprises, beautiful sceneries, wonderful encounters. Asia has been a revelation for me. I will soon write a generic article about my vision of Asia. Meanwhile, it is time for me to join my sister in Australia, the land of kangaroos, after full advantage of elephants.


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