Angkor Whaaaaaat?!

On 20 April 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

9 days and 8 nights in Siem Reap. A record on my travel, I never spent so many time at the same place. But i needed this break at this moment of my trip. I’ve heard about a cool guesthouse which was actually great (thanks Babel GH!), I met nice people to spend my time with (thanks John, Oscar, Flo & Pit), I went to Angkor temples of course (and 3 times instead of 1 doing the big tour, the small one, a tour to Bonteay Srei and a sunset in Angkor Wat as a bonus), I ate in good restaurants (thanks Il Forno), I discovered with the 4 guys the X Bar where life was nice all the nights playing pool and drinking some beer on the skateboard ramp on the rooftop, I even went to the swimming pool. And I celebrated like I should have the Khmer new year’s eve with the locals and the travellers from April 14th to 16th in the bars and mostly in the streets. Anyway, loads of good reasons to stay in this city for so long.

So instead of long speeches, I do like for Bagan by showing to you some pictures that I took among the hundreds I have of the temples and new year’s eve. For the rest, you can take a look at more pictures in this album. If you go to Cambodia soon, take your time in this city, live slowly, it’s a cool city to breath a little bit and enjoy life calmly!

I also want to “promote” 2 of the guys I spent my time with who are 2 great photographers, not the same style of pics but I really appreciated their job (and their advices). Their websites are not totally updated but it shows you what they do and I will give you the new links when their websites will be ready. In the meantime, discover Oscar Lavy and Florian Spring!








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