A trip into the trip

On 21 February 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

imageSingapore airport … I had heard of this airport, saying that it was one of the wildest in the world ( if not the best) , so I expected to see …

With a stopover of 10 hours between my flight from Myanmar and the one to Vietnam , I had time. I thought to sleep at my arriving being super tired. But in fact, once arrived , so much to do that I could not help but go all out! And I’m surely used to walk every day and find things that I can not now hold up …

imageI went in all terminals, saw all the gardens, ” attractions” , cinemas, shops, different restaurants , the playing areas, those for children, took the skytrain in one direction, then in the other, I (I think) saw everything except the pool was under renovation (too bad!) .

Therefore a short article to tell you to go check it out if you can. Be happy to have a stop there , you can’t be bothered (seriously!) . They have thought of everything , it is obviously ultra clean and welcoming, you can even give a note via a screen to all the places you see , including the toilet to see if employees are doing their job!

In short, an airport in the air of pleasant living :)

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