30. 07. 2014

Traveling alone when you are a woman

“You’re alone? Just one?”. Well yes, just me Many women are apprehensive before going traveling alone. Of unfortunate stories about women who are assaulted or raped at the other end of the world,...

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19. 07. 2014

The GREAT Ocean Road

I had heard about this magic road, near Melbourne, which leads you to the famous 12 Apostles. I knew that the road would be nice on the way too. But I did not...

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18. 07. 2014
IMG_8912 - Copie

Between street art and night shots in Melbourne

I arrived 3 weeks ago in Melbourne, where my sister for few months now. The occasion for me to discover her city, her life in Australia, to spend time with her chatting, watch...

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17. 07. 2014

My bucket list

What is a bucket list? The idea comes from a movie of the same name showing two men who were not destined to meet each other and eventually find themselves facing the disease...

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13. 07. 2014

Mobile apps to travel

Whether your phone is running with Android, iOS or any other mobile operating system, here are some apps that could help you in your daily life as a traveler. Feel free to add...

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12. 07. 2014

So what is Asia?

I have visited “only” 9 of the 47 countries in Asia so I don’t preted to know all about this continent but after 6 months past there to discover it, let me give...

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05. 07. 2014

50 signs that show you are a backpacker

Forget the daily life subway-work-sleep, a backpacker is more bus-guesthouse-sandwich. And in the middle of that, some things keep coming back, obviously. So here is my list, not exhaustive, of signs that make...

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02. 07. 2014

Architectural fascination in Singapore

Singapore, city / country consisting of 64 islands just over five million inhabitants. All located exactly on the line of the Equator and bringing heat and humidity throughout the year. In Singapore, you...

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01. 07. 2014

So what is Thailand?

Outside Kenya, where I made a humanitarian mission, Thailand is the country where I am remained the longest. Five weeks spent there, 5 weeks that I didn’t see. And a lot happened in...

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